Frames Data IDA: RevolutionEHR Edition

Frames Data IDA: RevolutionEHR Edition
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Frames Data provides detailed frame information that can be used inside your RevolutionEHR software. Everywhere you see frame information - inventory, frame orders, lab jobs, managed care claims - you can use Frames Data to populate that data, rather than enter it by hand!

And what's even better, the data will be delivered to your software over the web, so there's no disc to load and no wait to access the data.

Your subscription also includes access to Frames Data Online, our online frame search. Log in today!

Licenses for multiple locations.
This page is for single location practices. For multiple location practice subscriptions, please call 1-800-821-6069 ext 4 or email [email protected].

Not using RevolutionEHR?
This Frames Data product is built exclusively to be used with the RevolutionEHR software and will not work with any other software package. If you are not a RevolutionEHR user, click here.

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